Tool bars wont stay where i put them

Hello there,

I am new to Seamly. I am currently teaching myself how to use this program and I came across an issue. I’m using a laptop and my work space for seamly is kind of small. I move the tool bars around, but when i open a new file they are back to where they where. How can i change this?

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Hi Ashani… Let me see if I can help with your toolbars.

First of all what OS version are you using?

Generally the application should save the last position of the various toolbars, unless the preference settings file gets changed… for example by switching between different versions of Seamly2D. So the next time you open Seamly2D, the toolbars should be where you they were when you closed the app. If not, we’ll have to figure out why they’re not doing so in your case.

As far as the workspace goes… you can choose to show or hide whichever toolbars you wish. You can either set a toolbar’s visibility via the view menu → toolbars->xxx viewmenu

or by right mouse clicking in an empty toolbar area and again by the drop down context menu.


I should note that toolbars can be condensed in (horz) size, where a drop down menu arrow will appear… clicking the arrow will reveal the hidden toolbar items.

points1 points2.

You can also choose to show or hide the Toolbox dock the same way.

You could for example hide the Toolbox dock and all the tool toolbars except the Toolbox Toolbar,


which functions like the Toolbox dock in a more compact size. BTW, the toolbars generally can be docked at what position you like… top, bottom, left or right. You also have the option to hide all the tool toolbars and docks and simply use the Tool menus and / or keyboard shortcuts. Here’s using just the Toolbox Toolbar docked at the left:

To gain even a tad more workspace in an upcoming update you can hide the workspace scrollbars… either via the View toolbar or the View Menu or keyboard shortcut.

In other words you can configure the workspace with whatever workflow you feel comfortable with.

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Hey there Mr. Douglas, I actually figured it out. My windows display needed to be adjusted.

But i do have another question? I was looking and it seems that valentina and seamly work almost the same with slight differences. Which on is better to use in your opinion.


Hello and welcome to Seamly2D, @AshaniCouture

Haha, I don’t think that’s quite a question to ask on the Seamly2D forum. We’re on here for a reason.

While the programs come from the same basic program, there are changes happening in Seamly2D that will make the 2 programs a lot more different from each other. Up until quite recently, even the patterns where interchangeable between the 2 programs, but now they are really being developed in totatally different directions, so even on the forum, we are having difficulty in assisting Valentina users as we used to.

I think the sane reply would be to ‘pick your poison’ and roll with it. :blush:


Thank you Grace. Yeah im starting to see that. I have both downloaded at the moment and have taught myself the basics. I studied Drafting and Auto CAD in high school and im teaching myself to draft my own sewing patterns and this seamly2d seams like the program for me. But I got definitely got confused because there arent many videos on “Seamly”. most are on Valentina. But im so happy this forum is here so i can revert back here if i need anything.


My impression is that Valentina is about the needs of the dev, whereas Seamly is more focused on the community. While Susan was re-building the community after the schism Valentina got ahead, but recently Seamly has caught up & even surpassed Valentina in some respects. Which will “win” in the end, I don’t know, but I believe that Seamly’s community-focus will allow the current devs to “pass on the torch” with minimal fumbling.

Having @Grace & @Douglas as two of the community deities doesn’t hurt either! :grin:



Are @Grace and @Douglas Developers?

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Well, since I’ve been working on programming Seamly2D, I’d have to go with Seamly. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness though, I think I bring more to the table in regards to a pattern making app. Besides programming since the mid 70’s, I have degrees in Civil Engineering and Technical Theater and Costume Design - meaning I have 45+ years of CAD, drafting and pattern making experience. I have co owned and operated a costume shop for 41 years. With that wealth of experience I hope to make Seamly2D a more professional application.

I’d also like to think I’m a bit more open when it comes to ideas for the Seamly applications. The forums are always open for your ideas or suggestions.

The choice is yours though.


You could say that. :slight_smile:


I hope that all the refactoring I’m doing behind the scenes will help in that area.

I was taught way back in high school, that programming is more about being able to read code rather than writing it. In that regards Valentina reads like War and Peace, and aside from Qt and C++, it can be very difficult sometimes to follow and unravel. Whether n part it’s a language barrier thing or a simple not understanding the industry, it doesn’t help that basic concepts and terminology is all mislabeled.

It’s also why when I think, oh this should be an easy fix… it turns into I got to fix this, and this and this while I’m at it. Hopefully I’m leaving the code cleaner for others to read.


No, I’m not a developer, I’m just a user who absolutely loves the program and gives back by lurking on here, helping people with their queries, along with @Pneumarian and anyone else who can help.

We have a introductions topic - Introductions Thread - #218 by Grace - where you can browse through everyone’s intro and perhaps post one, as well. We all love reading them :slight_smile:

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You’re still part of the team. :slight_smile:


Here’s an example of some of what I’m talking about:

if (!asking && mChanges && not mChangesAsked)

On it’s own no big deal, but there are 1000’s of examples like this in the code… just makes it harder to read when there is no consistent style. RT constantly mixes use of operators like ! vs not… and even sometimes in the same line!! I don’t get it??? One should pick one or the other styles, and given that most C++ programmers understand the ! logical operator, IMO it’s best to stick with that.

Should be:

if (!asking && mChanges && !mChangesAsked)

The “not” becomes like a glitch in the matrix. Sorry for the rant.

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@Douglas You rock. Thank you!!!

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