Math Functions - Nested IF statement

We use the muparser math library.

There are functions available, like abs() There are built in constants, like _pi Also, there is an ‘if then else’ construct, example: “if (a > b) then y else z” is expressed by: ( a > b : y | z)

See these links for more info on what you can find in muparser:

Built-in operators:
Binary operators:
Ternary operators (if then else):


I saw this when you posted this before… this can be very handy where say the difference between waist and hips exceeds a given amount, 2 darts are used instead of one. Or on a taller person 6 buttons are used on a vest instead of 5.

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hi, can someone help me to apply the if then else function? I tried, but I am not really getting anywhere. In excel I would type my goal like this: =IF(PK<=4;0,5;IF(AND(PK>=5;PK<8);1;1,5)) I copied the expression like stated above and tried, but it wont resolve. ( a > b : y | z) Can I achieve this with Seamly? For now it seems the program doesn’t like the colon. I replaced that with a semi colon, but then it didn’t like the straight dash (not sure, how that is called coorectly). Also, I tried with removing the spaces, but nothing seams to bee a proper function.

Thank you, Évi

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Hi, I figured it out :slight_smile :slight_smile: It works with this expression ( a operation b )? c:d

In my case the formula is now like this

(@PK<=4 ?0,5:(@PK>=8 ? 1,5:1))


Hi @Evica! Fantastic nested if statement. Thanks for posting your solution.

  • if a<b then c else d looks like ( a<b ? c : d) in Seamly2D formulas.
  • if e<f then f else g looks like (e<f ? f : g)
  • When d is another test, then it looks like: ( a<b ? c : (e<f ? f : g) )

Hi Guys,

I have a similar question.

I would like to use a double formula for the back width.

E.g. <100cm : 100/10*2+2 , >100cm : 100/10+10+2.

Is this possible?

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Hi @Mare77

Yeeessss… It’s very similar to the If, Then, Else statement, in fact, exactly that :slight_smile:

It’s a case of If BackWidth<100cm, then 100/10*2+2, else 100/10+10+2 because if it’s not less that 100cm then everything 100 & up needs the 2nd condition. (You’ll just need to place the brackets in the right places so that the system knows the order in which you want the calculations to happen in.)

(across_back_b<100?(((across_back_b/10)*2)+2):(across_back_b/10)+10+2) = 10.2 (across_back_b = 41

(bust_circ<100?(((bust_circ/10)*2)+2):(bust_circ/10)+10+2) = 23.2 (bust_circ = 112)

Both work in my pattern :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @Grace! I really appreciate it.

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OMG we can use IF statements.?!!! My world is complete lol I was wondering how I could use one pattern and not have to redesign the whole thing for certain types of adjustments. Now I have to learn how to do it. but that is for another day… Thanks :smiley: