Passmark on a Curve

I searched for quite a while when trying to add a passmark on a curve. I have tried adding nodes but then my curve line would change to a straight line. I finally found it on a different topic so I thought I will make a quick note about how to add a passmark on a curve. When using your workplace tool to connect your lines you need to have a node (this is where I want my passmark) by way of segmenting the curve. This will give you a node on that curve. In the detail when getting ready to connect the nodes, select the curve, node, & the same curve again. It works flawlessly. Thank you Grace.


You’re very welcome @Shrymp.

I “solved” (it’s more a workaround) this problem with an additional line from the node point with an angle of the end of a segment +/- 90° and length of the seam allowence. And as an internal path, I add this to the detail. Much work, but I get my line (long passmark) …

It would be nice, if we could use the curve segments as objects in the detail main path. (We can use them already for length calculation …)

There should be an option not only to delete an object, but also to add objects.

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I will create a small, simple example to show this if you would like that.

There should be an option not only to delete an object, but also to add objects.

I am confused. How is “adding” objects a new thing? You can take an existing pattern and add objects now. I am fairly sure that @Grace has already described this in detail elsewhere on the forum.

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Here is the original topic on how to do this: Is it possible to split a curve in two? - #13 by jan.

Hmmmm… Do you mean like pre-made pattern parts? Like a collar? At the moment, this is not possible.

Or do you mean adding points back in History to use in later formulas? If it’s this option, then here is the topic: Hacking Points in Pattern Files - #2 by Grace.

I mean the following situation:

I made a detail with the points A1, A5, A6, A10. But then there should be also A2 and A9 in the detail.

Yes, I know there is the possibility to go back to the Draw mode and add each point, but it would be nice, if I could do this also from the “Workpiece tool” dialog.

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Oh, that’s a very good idea :slight_smile: and yes, it is a bit tedious to go to the draw mode, add the one missing node and then the other one, go back to the pattern and then activate them and place them in the correct position.