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From what I’ve been able to tell, the difference between the Seamly2D Preferences & the SeamlyMe Preferences is that the SeamlyMe prefs are particular to SeamlyMe, while Seamly2D, as the master program, has the full set of preferences. They both edit the same preferences file.

This way when people are using SeamlyMe, & need to change a preference, they don’t get confused by having non-Me preferences to edit.

So it might make more sense, rather than decreasing the number of (apparent) preferences, to have a Master Preferences & a node-specific Preferences both available in the menu.

As for Label-language,

If I’m an English-speaker making a pattern for a Spanish-speaker, I’d want to have a different label language. But unless that’s all I’m doing I think it makes more sense to have label-language be a pattern-specific option.

Another consideration is that we currently have a shorter list of label-languages than interface languages. Which illustrates that it might be nice to be able to develop them at different rates. Though my first consideration would indicate that it would be better to have a longer list of label-languages than of interface languages.

A basic interface preferences splashscreen would be nice, most especially for those of languages less related to Latin or German. IF preferences = null LOAD "splashscreen" (Lorem ipsum codus.)

Speaking of splashscreens, at some point we might like a regular loading splashscreen to ask which Seamly program/file we want to load. I believe such was discussed shortly before the schism, but other stuff was, & probably is, rightly higher priority.

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Si je comprends bien vous souhaiteriez créer un écran d’accueil pour les préférences, un seul pour SeamlyMe et Seamly2D. Personnellement je trouve qu’effectivement, un seul menu préférences pour les deux est judicieux. En revanche, le mettre dans un écran d’accueil lors de l’installation du logiciel me gêne un peu. Il pourrait être utile de pouvoir modifier les préférences en cas d’erreur. En tout cas, merci beaucoup pour tout votre travail. Je ne comprends pas toujours tout car je n’ai aucune formation en modélisme et je me forme toute seule et votre logiciel m’a déjà permis de faire plusieurs patrons. Donc vraiment un grand merci. Donc si je peux aider avec ma toute petite expérience, ce sera toujours avec un grand plaisir. Bonne soirée


Ok… that makes sense… although maybe it seems that should be a PDF / SVG export option?

No it would just be to “force” a first time user to configure certain settings to get them going.

Could also add am option to show an intro video to get started. To be honest, I was a bit baffled until I watched the video on doing the panty pattern… and went Ok, now it makes sense. :slight_smile:

They are 2 separtate files… stored in AppData/Roaming/Seamly2DTeam/Seamly2D.ini and SeamlyMe.ini.

Agreed… but again there are 2 separate preference files. ???

Here’s the reason for the difference from the Qt manual on Locale… based on how the label languages are gathered:

Returns the dash-separated language, script and country (and possibly other BCP47 fields) of this locale as a string.

Unlike the uiLanguages() the returned value of the bcp47Name() represents the locale name of the QLocale data but not the language the user-interface should be in.

This function tries to conform the locale name to BCP47.

The GUI languages are actually the ones that translation files were prepared for,

Could do that… I have several programs that providing loading like the last five files used For ex:


L’idée d’ajouter des préférences qui peuvent être configurées sur un écran de démarrage ne vise pas à remplacer les préférences normales. Ce serait de configurer les paramètres de base tels que les unités de langue et de modèle la première fois que l’application est utilisée pour démarrer sans avoir à rechercher comment les définir.


I don’t think it would matter either way, as long as it doesn’t involve recreating the wheel :grin: But I do like the idea of changing the language at the time of export rather than in preferences, it makes more sense that way. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

Haha, I think that panty pattern got me started, too :slight_smile: Ok, I think the splash screen with an option to never show it again would be great :star_struck:

Once again, thank you very much for all your hard work.

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For sure. BTW… I’ve already figured out the basic splash screen in my version of the program, and it just pops up and disappears automatically once the program is loaded. There’s a pref setting to show / hide the splash.

What I have in mind in an extended splash that checks if it’s the first time being used, if so it would stay open to allow to configure what ever prefs are deemed useful. One of those could be a checkbox to NOT show the splash in the future. After that one could change that option in the prefs (along with any of the first time use settings) to show / hide the splash screen


We could go big and create more of a “dashboard”… which is more what the audio DAW Studio One does (the program I screen capped in the previous post). ??


I like the idea of a dashboard. Whether it’s time for that yet, or if too much is going to be changing in the short-term for that to be practical, I’m certainly in no place to know. It’s not essential.

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Wow! @Douglas, that really is very smart :grin:

My feelings are this… Since you’re tidying up the whole program in sections and are now working on the preferences, I would like to say… Do it in such a way that it doesn’t need to be done again in the next few years. Times change, technologies change and fashions change, even with software and, to some extent, we need to keep up. So if you have the idea (and your ideas are wonderful), the knowledge and the time, then let’s go for it :star_struck:

However, as @Pneumarian said, it’s not essential.

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Dans ces conditions tout à fait d’accord. Mais je comprends que ça peut poser problème pour ceux qui veulent commercialiser les modèles dans d’autres langues


Yeah… my first priority is to clean up the interface - and no disrespect to anyone who’ve worked on the project thus far, but it’s kinda clunky in some areas. In some areas like the Preferences… I’m going to add some new tabs to help organize the settings. It will give it more space to expand if neccessary.

Once the GUI is more organized I can then start adding some other features I’ve already worked out , and then figure out new features.


Very nice, @Douglas. Thank you very much for all your hard work. I can barely contain myself with the waiting :rofl: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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