Thanks everyone!

Hi there !

My name is Blueleto and I really want to thank all of you for the wonderful job on the forum and on Seamly2d.

I have been cruising this forum for a few months now, and have found so many answers so far !

I am truly amazed by the possibilities offered by Seamly, and it really helped me in thinking over the way I was used to conceive patterns.

Actually, if only my math teachers had known about patterning and Seamly thirty years ago, my whole approach of geometry and mathematics would have been far less painful and far more enlightning :grinning:

Please, keep up the good work and let me know if I can help : I’d be glad to work on french translations.



I can honestly say one of the best teachers I had was a math teacher in high school… ahem - some 45 years ago. :slight_smile: Thing is, I didn’t have him for math… I had him for computer programming, back when we had to punch FORTRAN cards or use the APL / Basic terminal with the acoustic phone modem @300 baud with a whopping 22k workspace. LOL It would be intertesting to have his take on today’s technology.

That would be much appreciated. I expect to be adding new tools to the program , and translations would be welcome.


Hello and welcome to our forum, @Blueleto

I guess you saw in your cruising that we’re a friendly bunch who really do try to help :slight_smile:

I didn’t take maths after grade 9… and that was (gulp) over 40 years ago :blush: but with a little help from google, I tend to get what I need done.

And, yes, as @Douglas says, help with translations is always very welcome. Thank you very much for offering. I’m sure he will contact you when he’s ready.

Happy patterning :slight_smile:


Something that came to mind as I’ve been working on updating the Seamly logo icons in the app along with improving the Help menu & About dialog… the Wiki is going to need updating. Especially as I keep adding new features.

I noticed that there is a French version of the PDF Seamly Guide. Will need help updating this.

Also the term “notches” needs to be checked and changed if needed in the translations.


Just tell me where to start and how to proceed :slightly_smiling_face: Where can I find this French PDF ?


The guides (manuals) can be found by using the “Wiki” link at the top of the forums… then clicking the Seamly2D guide link. Apparently you can select several different languages for the online manual (I’m guess this is automated?) - or you can download one of the PDF’S.

First we need to determine if the term “notch / notches” is correct in French on the latest Seamly2D program, the online manual, and the guide PDF.

Then will need to update the manuals in the changes in the use of notches.

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I think… With all the changes that are happening to the program at the moment, that the manuals are going to need to be rewritten totally. I wrote the original one way back in 2017, so it’s already dated. I still have the English word documents if you’d like me to forward them to you.

You can find them here: User Manual - Seamly and here: SeamlyMe - Seamly

However, where we really need help at the moment is with the program translations.

@Douglas mentioned here that he currently needs the French translation for the word ‘Notch/es’ which was previously incorrectly referred to as ‘Passmark/s’.

We started putting together a Glossary on the wiki, perhaps we should add more words to it where people may add their language translations to assist @Douglas. You can find the Glossary here: Glossary - Seamly

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Grace… yes there will probably be a substantial amount of additions needed in the near future as I keep adding new features and fixing some existing UI anomalies.

Is that the glossary of the incorrect terms I noticed in the Wiki? There are few other misused terms that bug me almost as much as “passmarks” did… Like Draw, Detail, Piece… something I’d like to address soon.


Haha, yes, ummm… :blush: :blush: :blush: The word Piece… I think it came from me trying to explain one part/panel/section of a pattern here on the forum… I still haven’t figured a better word. LOL

Yes, if I recall correctly, the idea was to gather a list of sewing terms with their different translations… starting with the ones that are incorrect and needed tlc. But the general idea was to have the community add more items to it with the translations in whichever languages they could (unless I completely misunderstood it).


Notch = “cran de montage”

@Grace, I’ll check for the french translation of the User Manual, but if you have a .doc version, that might help :slightly_smiling_face: @Douglas, if any french translations are needed for the new tools or the program, feel free to ask, or even assign me small tasks. I think I have to check my version of Seamly2D (I can’t remember when I updated for the last time…)

I think I read in another post about some problems with the measures denominations in SeamlyMe. I’ll try to find that back.


I can’t find the French word doc, but here’s the English one…

Seamly2D (3.2 MB)

SeamlyMe (2.1 MB)

I hope they help :slight_smile:

You can try converting the French PDF to word with an online converter.


Hey Grace… I think we already have a word to use… and it’s already in the Wiki. For pattern makers the word is “sloper”, for draft persons it’s “block”. Based on the fact I’m a draftsman before pattern maker, and the fact that I believe “Draw” mode should be “Draft” mode (we draft technical drawings / patterns and draw pretty pictures) I’m partial to using the term “draft block” or block for short.

I also believe the “Details” mode should be the “Piece” mode… details are something you “add” to a piece. In addition in my own version I added a second tool button and separated the tools between “Pieces” and “Add Details”… where the tools that are used in Draft mode are useable in :“Pieces” and the ones that are used in Piece mode are available in “Add Details”… eliminating the need to deal with greyed out tools. Ideally the idea should be to not even have the “Add Details” button showing in Draft mode and no “Pieces” button in Piece mode’, but that would require refactoring the Toolbox. Not something high on my list as IMO better use of the workspace can be had by adding Toolbars and / or Menus with key shortcuts for the tools and turning the Toolbox off.

Toolbox on:


Toobox off:


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Yes, I get that, but what I have referred to as a ‘Pattern Piece’ in the forum, is only 1 pattern part of the pattern for the block or sloper. (I was referring to take one piece of the pattern and join it to another using the union tool, or move it to another area using the move tool.)

I think this was misunderstood in the glossary in the wiki. And, yes, personally, I don’t mind Draft as the name of the board itself.

I’m going to start a new thread for this discussion to keep it separate from the wiki discussion.

The new topic is here: Miscellaneous Minor Issues 2 - #3 by Grace

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